Surviving the Outer Rim

Mandos and an Kelec
Crystal Odeum

Rushing Lowhhrick back the party discovered that someone was snooping around for them on Formos. Their money had come from an account hat was furnished form the sale of metal from the planet Belial. Upon further research they discovered that the individual had just purchased a drink in their bar. After arriving and some other preliminary research the group went to the bar and found the party to be five mandalorians. With some further discussion and a few threats either way a fight erupted with the death of the four present Mandalorians. The one remaining in the bar had pulled a thermo and started to threaten everyone until he was released. Xel stealthed up and chopped his arm off however the grenade was going to detonate when he threw the grenade with the force and attempted to block the explosion. No one was extremely hurt but a few where injured and the bar needed to be redone.

Jeena informed the party that a rival family on Rodia had started to attack her clan and she was called to return. The party if willing would be welcome to come.

Shortly after the party headed out to Kelec and found it surrounded by imperial ships. They soon where called to be brought into a ship to be questioned. After being brought in and leaving their ship they found themselves walking with an Inquisitor. Pash however was interrupted by a young man that remembers him from the Academy. Inquisitor Biel become suspicious and Pash quickly diffused the situation. The party was allowed to go to the surface but not allow to enter the rock.

They found plenty of scientists and troops protecting a ship of a rock on the surface. The readings where all over and nobody could figure out why. Soon the party distracted some of the guards and made there way inside where shortly after entering found themselves in the swamp with three cloaked figures in front of them.

The Dream
Space Dinos!

After coming to terms to with Dilonie’s for Pash to be her swoop racer the party decided to leave quickly. It was time to go investigate this planet that the Empire had forcefully removed everyone from. A little ways into the journey a klaxon started sounding and they were bumped from hyperspace. They saw a huge desolate ship come into view one that Lowhhrick new to be a treasure hunter’s dream. Everyone got an uneasy feeling in the pit of their stomach.

Upon boarding the party decided to fix the engine room and discovered that the ship had lost power and that a Jedi and captain had in fact tried to keep everyone calm but without stores of food they were most likely doomed. Xel wanted to track this Jedi so they found a room and and he entered. The door slammed shut behind him and the Xel and the Fallen Jedi had a nice conversation. IT seems the Jedi has stayed alive through the force trying keep everyone else alive and asked Xel to terminate his contact with everyone else. Xel did and discovered a Purple lightsaber in the room.

Soon after leaving the party was ambushed by Pirate Dino’s that claimed the ship for themselves. Combat was quick but Lowhhrick got his arm caught in the mandibles once and that was enough to lose it.

Racing for a Hutt
Meeting the Old Crew

After a brief meeting with Null’s old crew. The party decided it was time to finish Gorgo‘s mission and get out of Nar Shaddaa. Lowhhrick won the last gladiatorial fight rather easily and Oskara and Xel believed the best way to make friends was to inform someone asking for help,Kila the Hutt, that they weren’t who everyone thought they were. Oskara was in fact the a killer of Mandalorians. After being removed from the Hutt compound Pash discovered that he was racing for the hutt Dilonie. After a brief discussion Pash went out and won the race handily and the party was off for a meeting with the her!

Nar Shaddaa
Winning the RAce

With the ScoreKeeper burning up in the nearest sun the Party decided to reach out to Gorgo and find out what they could do to cement themselves into the Hutt Civil War. Gorgo informed the Party a younger Hutt on Nar Shada took over most of the Speeder Bike Races and that if the party wanted to earn some credits they could make both of her best pilots lose or they could remove Dilonie from power. Either would be acceptable because in Gorgo’s own words, “She was a fickle Bitch!”

The party landed shortly after and had a run in with a Toydarian attempting to persuade the group which Casino’s to visit and attempt to extort a hefty docking fee. With a little a persaision from Pash, Jang was more than happy to cut the party a deal on the docking fee if Lowhhrick would throw a fight later on.
The party headed off to the two Casino’s that Jang had informed them about. The Modest Mouse a high class establishment and the House of Victory a more blue color casino with the 4 different gladiatorial rings. Before anything else could be done Oskara asked the Null if he new anyone that would sell specialty weaponry and Null new just the place. Boulk’s Weaponry was owned and operated by a very skilled Ugnaught. The Ugnaught had the weapon Oskara was looking for and with a little haggling and clearly pointing out some Ugnaught flavor issues the price was pretty good for the weapon. Boulk did ask Null if he was running with a new crowd because he didn’t recognize the Twi’lek and was happy that Null found another group. He didn’t much care for the old one. With a few questions about the Civil War the Ugnaught said there was a nice bar a few levels up that was an Ugnaught bar and most Hutts had ugnaughts that worked for them if they wanted to look into the The Shed.

Lowhhrick went right in to the House of Victory and straight into the “Anything Goes” Ladder matches. His first match with Duncan One-Eye would be soon and the odds heavy stacked against the Wookie with the Vibro-Saw.
Pash knowing Lowhhrick was going to fight soon went into the Modest Mouse and started chatting up some high rollers. Breaking even on the betting but gaining influence a business man from Corellia informed Pash that he loved to watch the fights and Pash should join him with his party. Nylum with party in tow then left to see the fights that Pash had forecastedLowhhrick to lose.
The Fight didn’t last long with Lowhhrick closing the distance and connecting with a vicious blow. Duncan quickly submitted and Lowhhrick’s extremely favorable odds would be hard to get from now on.
Nylum then had an assistant walk up the him and inform him the rider upon his bike was injured in the last race and unable to fly. Pash quickly jumped at the idea to fill in and off they went in style to the racing hub while the rest of the Party took the train.
With a little investigation in the Pits, the party was able to discover the two racers that where Dilonie’s. With a little distraction Oskara was able to rig the fuel line that when under extreme stress it would break and most likely explode.Null got into the main broadcaster’s Hub and was able to allow himself remote access to the power supply for all the speeders. Upon learning that Pash would be Piloting the Bike sponsored by Nylum and also Koloc, the Hutt whose sector they had just been gambling and buying stuff in, the group discovered that a few other bikes where sponsored by Hutts. Kila the hutt, and Kelish both had speeders in the race with a few speeders not overtly sponsored by Hutts. Lowhhrick then decided to intimidate one of the drivers and although not understanding that he was being intimidated in went rather well.
Shortly the Race started and Pash shot out to a quick lead. Behind him was seen a huge explosion that took out two more of the riders. Pash shot through the challenges and as bikers attempted to make up ground another putt to much stress on his bike and it shut down. The Bet the party made on who would place 1st 2nd and 3rd could happen they were all still alive and only needed the other bike to sputter. Null went to work as Pash zipped around the course very close to a course record. As he overloaded the onboard camera the bike began to slow and barely past the finish line ahead of the reaming to bikes. The party had one their bet on Pash but lost the Big bet. Nylum was ecstatic with Pash even though he bet against him and the party had dealt a blow to Dilonie by removing one of her racers. Nylum informed Pash that the Wookie the watched earlier would be fighting again soon and he wanted to place a bet. Lowhhrick also got a message that whenever he was ready to fight the second fight could begin.

Everyone headed back with Oskara grabbing a huge Banta leg and pint and plopping down to watch the fight. Pash started chatting with his new fan club and Nylum showing him off just a little. While Lowhhirck , seeing the odds weren’t as skewed as he wished, informed Emiel the Toydarian in charge of gladiatorial bouts that he would only fight with his bare knuckles this time. The odds again spiked big enough that he was ready to fight.
Again Lowhhrick closed the distance quickly landing a blow. But the Big easy quickly pulled away and threw a Bolo tying him up. Lowhhrick broke the Bolo and again approached and hit. Then the Big Easy got away again and this time the Bolo throw luckily tied him to the pillar in the middle of the ring. Lowhhrick unable to break free took cover as the Big Easy hurled a Grenade in his direction. The Pillar deflected the brunt of the explosion but infuriated Lowhhrick. He ripped the pillar out breaked the Bolo cord and charged across the map ending the bout.

Character Knowledge To this point!
Plot anyone?


  • Was making payments to Tyber Zann.
  • Went through Duke Piddock for an introduction to a member of the Ruling Council on Ryloth who was Tyber Zann.
  • Was amassing an Army to Kill Jabba the Hutt and usurp those in the Council of 5(The ruling Hutts.)
  • Kept most of his wealth at a secret location called the Mine.


  • Ran by Tor Viszla
  • Supply side of Wookie Pelt Trade
  • Was giving battle droids by Duke Piddock aswell.
  • Was at the Mine when the party was sent by Jabba the Hutt to remove the sand people problem. Left and made it look as if the party had actually killed all of the sand people. Most likely there before anyone else after Teemo the Hutt’s death to cover something up.
  • Have taken over the Belial a mining planet in the Kesh System
  • Dobah used to work for them.
  • Dantian and Donoros have been capturing wookies and bringing them to Belial for work and information on something in the shadow lands.

Black Sun

  • Has been asking the party to help in finding lost artifacts and tech.


Duke Piddock

  • Suppliying droids and arms to Teemo the Hutt, Tor Viszla and someone else (Triangle*3).
  • Had unmarked plans for everything Geonosia has ever made.
  • A bounty has been placed on his head by the Geonosian Hierarchy.
  • Ota *
  • Has asked the party to help him start making his own blaster coolant.

Yavir Clan

  • The Salvage division was attempting to steal the tech the party retrieved for Roem.
  • The party captured and gave Yan Yavir to IsoTech.

Black Hole Gang

  • They are on the demand side of the Pelt Trade.


  • Mu Nanb has asked the party to go to Lianna and acquire the plans for the new Tie Fighter. (COMPLETED)
  • Excited about the modifications made on the new Tie and have put the information to good use.
  • Rumors are abound about how the Rebellion is on the down swing and how the Empire is starting to stomp them down.

Jabba the Hutt

  • Has put a retainer down for the party’s service.
  • An attempt was made on his life.
  • His main Bounty Hunter was recently Killed, Boba Fett.
  • Wants the party to find Four Killers each described by weaponry. Pistol, Explosives, Heavy, Swords.
  • The Hutts are the midst of a civil war with the older Hutts, The Council of Five, under attack from the younger Hutts.

Ancient Ruins

  • Found on Formos
  • Had a map of the universe with different markings in a “Computer Room”.
  • In the main hall where the party was attacked by Ghests there was a platform and an Arc that lit up but was broken. It had a computer next to it that Oskara’s Droid deciphered for the party. It was planets in the Galaxy.
  • Found a metal tube. Turned out to be a Light Foil.
  • Discovered that these ruins have Infinity Gates. That allow people to travel between them.
  • Have discovered Ancient Holocrons and have a broken one.
Hunt for the Scorekeeper
Tactics? What tactics?

With little interest on actually making cupcakes the party decided to bring in the Chef from the Sa Nalor with some false papers. Emerel was to work alongside Gordon Ramsbot and Robot Irving. With a little cred and some contacts they quickly got to work on setting up the bakery. Before the party could leave Captain Wil Tarkin came to bakery a little confused on why a Sector Ranger would work at a cupcake shop but offered his services to the group. With such a strong family they could ask for almost anything they wanted. With little thought to much else they asked for Naval credentials when they would need some.

Making there way to The Wheel to track some leads they had on the Pelt trade they quickly discovered with a little slicing from Null Prime that a few ships had been reporting here recently and all dock personal were asked to leave the hanger for a time and then allowed back in to finishing filling up and reloading the ship. A few of those ships were The Vagrant YV, The Scorekeeper-Wayfare, The Calamity- Consular, and a few others. It seems they recently left here and with the amount of fuel they procured and the amount of times they got that amount of fuel means they are most likely returning back to what they always do. Raid Kashyyyk.

They quickly made their way back to the Lucky Gundark and jumped to hyperspace in pursuit of the Scorekeeper. About 2/3 of their journey was complete when they were bumped form hyperspace proximity alarms sounding and the sight of a Wayfare floating through space with no power signature but a few life forms on board. The had a few hours old SOS being intermittently sent out and it seemed they lost power and where unable to fix their hyperdrive. Upon contact with the ship the party found out that a young human who looked like a mechanic was in need of help and asked the party to please dock and connect with ship via the combined airlocks. Null Prime quickly took over the ship functions but gave the other ship they illusion that they were still in control of their own settings.
p. After doing this the when they were unlocked Lowhhrick decked the human and pulled him into the Lucky Gundark and then boarded the ship with Oskara and Pash. A very crowded first floor to the cargo hold with some cells on the far wall but no movement meant the party would continue to press on. Upon entering the upper floor of the hanger Pash looked around as if to look for movement when a Vibrosword came inches from being implanted into his head. The battle begin with Lowhhrick working his way through most of the Trandoshans and Oskara opening fire and killing a few more. Pash was exchanging shots from cover but pinned down but neither wanting to make a move. As luck would have it, Lowhhrick noticed a Mech used for moving boxes and quickly let Null Prime know so he could join the battle. As the battle raged on the upper floor the blast doors could be heard below and Oskara went to investigate. Her wrist launcher grappling hook got caught as she was caught between both floors on the lift. This gave here a great vantage point of four Trandoshans moving to capture the Lucky Gundark. She opened fire downing two while the remaining to dashed to the air lock and dove in.

With Pash finally landing a solid hit on the Trandoshan he was exchanging shots at the two up top started to use cover and speed to remove the remaining foes. As Lowhhrick‘s newly acquired saw, the aptly named Scorekeeper, ripped bodies into a clear advantage was seen. The Mech could grab the foes while Lowhhrick’s new weapon removed all important body parts.

Oskara cut her line and quickly jumped into the air lock pulling out her hammer. As she did she let Null Prime now to seal and vent the air lock as soon as possible. With her battle armor she was immune to this for a short time while the Trandoshans gasped for air. The surrendered and as air was pumped back in they put on Binders.

Two more better Armored and better armed, one with Ryyk blades the other with a Hammer came tromping out in hopes to swing the battle back in favor of themselves. They quickly attempted to use the lfit to get the second floor. Oskara seeing her advantage shot the counter balance and sent the lift shooting up the second floor and both foes lie face down on the second floor. Pash quickly took a shot removing the Hammer from with a well plased blaster shot as Null Prime grabbed him and Lowhhrick evened the score with a few placed strokes.

The Final trandoshan looked very familiar to Lowhhrick. It was the one that capture and sold him into slavery. After landing a hit on Lowhhrick, Oskara lit him up through the holes in the floor and Pash walked up and finished him off. Upon close inspection it was discovered that the Ryyk blades where Lowhhrick’s.

Upon hearing their leaders death the two remaining Trandoshan captives spilled their guts. Deathwatch has been paying handsomely for Wookie slaves and it seems they were questioning the Wookies about the Shadowlands. They only took pelts when they couldn’t capture the slaves alive. All slaves were transferred to Belial. Dantian the one who enslaved Lowhhrick was first mate upon the Ship The Last Rite when Lowhhrick was captured. It seems the worst of the pelt traders was the commander of the Last Rite. He ran by the name Donoros Before scuttling the ship the party found a nice book of trophies and decently kept records on The Score Keeper’s endeavors in this party of the Galaxy.

Tie Plans are always better with frosting!
Cupcake Wars!

Oskara returned to the space port to show Jeena and Finlu the read-out of the ship they had just taken from the Ancient Temple. Jeena was extremly impressed and informed the party she would be quitting her job within a week or two and Oskara very astutely asked that she train her replacement first, as to not cause more problems with her leaving.

Upon returning to the Asteroid Base with the ancient fighter the group quickly found out that Cratala had been hard at work and actually had a rough design for a cybernetic implant. Null Prime and Oskara had a quick look and Null Prime was quickly able with his knowledge of computers to give some constructive advice and allow the implant to function at a much higher rate than Cratala actually had planned. Oskara helped nudge Null Prime into implanting the device into himself and within seconds he noticed a gigantic difference in his functioning speed and strength.

After some discussion on which job the party wished to take the group headed out to Lianna to try and acquire the new Tie Fighter plans from Sienar Fleet Systems. when they entered the system they found an Imperial presence that was the greatest they have ever seen in any system. Soon they also discovered that any Heavy Armor and Weaponry were not allowed on planet and all small arms needed to be registered as well as carried openly.

When the Port Authority protocol droid came out to greet the party and take the docking fee’s as well as answer any questions the party had it was slightly taken aback from their reason to come to Lianna. Oskara when asked quickly gave their cover as being aspiring Chef’s that wanted to open up a cupcake shop on the planet. The droid with some thought informed the party that they either needed to work for the company or get a license to be able to make cupcakes. Lianna is a corporate world and to work on the planet you need to be part of the corporation. On the short Grav Train ride the Sienar Fleet Systems Xel’tal very inconspiciously indentified all security systems and was able to find a place to find a few generic locations that had more lax security. Lowhhrick decided he liked the one by that residential building the best!

The three tower structure that was Sienar Fleet Systems HQ was immense and rather fancy. It was clearly meant to look better than it was functional. It was then decided Pash,Null,Lowhhrick would go in and find Adminstrative services and start the paperwork on acquiring a license and while inside Null would attempt to find out where the plans or fighters were being manufactured and then relay the information to Oskara and Xel’tal and they would hunt it down.

Upon entering HQ the group discovered that they needed to take the Grav Lift or the spiral staircase that wrapped its way around the inner sanctum to the 11th floor. The ride was short but upon entering discovered a few people hard at work and another few trying hard to look like they were working hard. The sound of someone yelling could be heard from one of the back rooms. Tasla Paok welcomed the three entrepreneurs and when informed of their goal infomred the party that most likely their plee would be turned down.Null quickly hacked the system while Pash and Lowhhrick attempted to somewhat charm and not scare the workers in the office. Null quickly found that high abundance of data was leaving the from the top floor to a factory on the ouskirts of the residential district and that a License and royalties did not need to be paid as long as the Cupcake shop made Red Velvet Cupcakes and Ancient Law but still active on Lianna. When given that answer she called her boss.

He came trouncing out of his office with pastry crumbs on his collar and a uniform that just fit a to tightly. Cy Jade laughed when informed what the party wanted but Pash quickly lept into action describing the awesome that was their cupcakes. With a little negotation the group quickly got a license and the store front that Lowhhrick wanted, it just so happens to be in the same building as Cy Jade lives, and recieve a gigantic order fromt he company with the plans of throwing a soi·rée to welcome the company to Sienar Fleet Systems.

When leaving the building something looked slightly off when leaving the Grav Lift. They saw Lady Santhe meeting two delegates from the Empire. Moff Delbo and Captain Wil Tarkin it seems came to meet and look over some new project Sienar Fleet Systems was making for the Empire. When they entered the opposite Grav Lift Lady Santhe’s gaurds were seen shaking and the guns were drawn as the doors closed.

After Oskara and Xel’tal received the information on the huge amount of data from Null they quickly set off to find where that information was going. When buildings started to go form residential to industrial the security got a little more laxed until when they got closer to the factory that was receiving the data. A checkpoint that was well guarded stopped them and asked for credentials. Without missing a beat Oskara flashed the fake Sector Ranger credentials and informed the gaurds that it was suspected the Rebel’s were attempting to steal the plans for the new Tie and that they needed entry to see if they could find any sign of it. The guard called for his commander and upon seeing the credentials Oskara and Xel’tal were let in and shown the security room so they could look over footage.

Oskara quickly found an error that the rebels most likely caused and fixed it by looping the cameras so their appearance on them would not be recorded or seen. She then asked to see the factory and the Commander had to get the ok from higher up. It was not given with the tour coming so soon but he was able to offer them to attend the tour as well and maybe help as security. Xel’tal declined and soon the rest of the Sector Ranger’s team arrived and was brought to Oskara.

Null quickly got on a terminal and discovered a techincal read-out that would give Mu Nanb mainly what he looked for other than he wouldn’t know how it worked in space. Oskara thinking quickly asked Null to change the fabrication of the durasteel so that a certain frequency laser would penetrate better than it was originally thought. As they left the terminal alarms started to sound and the commander came running up. He informed the party that a hostage situation had arisen at HQ and security protocols meant they were not allowed in here anymore. With some persuasion and some awesome papers the group was able to talk the Commander and the head of Security when they arrived at Hq to allow them to go in. Null upon looking through the systems discovered Lady Santhe had made her own private security systems to record conversations that would otherwise be unrecorded. He saw about 15 armed men and one really well armed man discussing terms with Lady Santhe and Moff Delbo pleading with her just to give them the plans and let them go.

Finally after deciding on an entry point the group boarded the Lucky Gundark and let Pash do his thing. Flying low through the city as to not be spotted by guards he banked hard and braked just in time to stop just short of ramming the big windows with his cargolift door. Simultaneously Oskara shot the man behind the computer as Lowhhrick lept through the splintering glass to land a blow the nearest arm gaurd almost hacking him into. As blood dripped of the blade of his Vibro-Ax the man clearly in charge of these mercenaries shouted orders only to have Oskara rip him apart with multiple hits from her Heavy Blaster Rifle. Xel’tal lept through the window and cut down a few more gaurds as they returned fire wounding Xel and Lowhhrick. Pash opened fire with the ships Laser cannons tearing apart the other side of the room as henchmen dove for cover while Null was able to get the computer system and and access it pretty quickly. Lady Santhe and Captain Wil Tarkin started to run for the party when a armed henchman gave chase she grabbed something from a plant and shot out the window and dove out of the building. Lowhhrick without missing a beat ran and jumped taking out the grav belt of the henchmen chasing them and qucikyl was able to catch Tarkin and Santhe. Pash quickly reentered the pilot seat and with some amazing flying was able to bank the Lucky gundark and slide the three falling allies into the ship relatively unharmed. The remaining henchman dove out the blown out back window only to be shot down by Oskara.

Null realizing he had time with no one watching quicky took the rest of the readouts and private videos from the computer and wiped any record of the entry. While this happened Oskara and Xel’tal were distracting Moff Delbo. Something was wrong with the way he was handling the situation and upon some reflection it was obvious he was in on the entire thing fromt he beginning. When Lady Santhe entered the room she quickly informed the group to kill him and to never speak of this again. She would handle the blowback and the cover story for his death.
Ancient Temple
Rakatan Invasion

Arriving back from the party’s trip to Geonosia they found a few things waiting for them. News had come that that an undersized Imperial Fleet had annihilated a stronger Rebel Fleet. Coria Fabre had also contacted Pash about something going on in the books of The Oasis. After a little research on the metal tube that the party found in the Ancient temple the first time around they discovered it had a large map containing A few planets with stars marking the surface. With a little help and time they were able to realize that the Star on Formos would be where the Temple was.

Upon investigation of the books they discovered someone named Null had installed a program that was rounding up their transactions outside of the original cost and making a little more money than they should have. With Oskara’s help the group tracked the slicer to Rii Jenks (sorry he was a Bith not a Sullustan). Upon meeting and discussing some terms the Lowhhrick decided to find out how good this slicer was and wanted him to access Imperial records for why the extra troopers were here. The group then bought the Cantina with some bribery from Rii Jenks giving him a ship and some credits and then hiring Mo Dev to run the bar for 10% of the profit and the absorption of his water business into their own.

The group then went to the space port after a little take with Finlu about her mother being unhappy and made a pitch to bring her on as their full time mechanic. She informed the party she would need some time to think about it and got back to being angry and yelling at other mechanics.

Null Prime saw this as a great opportunity in a busy space port to get aboard an Imperial vessel and find out why the extra forces have come to Formos. Pash deciding to help in his efforts lost a few credits to the relaxed Stormtroopers outside of the barracks.

Null Prime discovered that the party had been sent for Artifact Acquisition by Inquisitor Biel. Who was stationed with third fleet. The group quickly set out the ruins to see if anything of importance had been found and discovered a platoon of Troopers loading crates on a speeder truck. The group decided with Oskara and Pash leading the way and some deception form Xel’tal to knockout the entire group with gas they took from the Mando’s. When Xel’tal distracted the gaurds he could feel the metal tube he had looked at earlier beckon him and upon touching it the tube lit up into a Lightfoil.

Pash quickly realizing they miscalculated on the amount of Gas needed yelled to the party and with some quick thinking from Oskara and Null Prime they activated the ancient air system in the temple and got rid of the gas before any deaths.

The party entered the temple and upon some investigation discovered a group of Troopers working on a big blast door. When Oskara approached the door started to open but broke. Xel’tal was able to leap over and aid with the climb for the rest of the party. Upon entering a Gigantic hanger with one ship and almost complete darkness a sound was heard form the far side of the hanger bay. Whit some investigation form Pash and Oskara the group discovered they were not alone a Rylek was inside of the chamber. Pash got a shot off before being impaled and Oskara opened up full bore with her Rifle. Xel’tal and Lowhhrick both planted damaging attacks upon the creature but Lowhhrick‘s broke the animals back. As Pash ran for safety Xel’tal fired up his Lightfoil and attacked the creature gathering its attention while Null Prime ran underneath the ship and wired in his Datapad. It only took a little bit to hotwire the guns to fire in that direction. The Medium laser cannon holes in the best where rather wide.

Upon investigation of the creature they found it to be manipulated not only by cyberware but by something else and took a chunk of it to take to Cratala. They then investegate the ship and discovered it have a Force activated hyperdrive and upon reaching out Xel’tal was able to unlock a few chambers and discovered a Holocron.

The holocron showed this temple under attack from Rakatan’s as well as a tall blue skin species discussing how to protect the Infinity Gates from the Rakatan’s. The party made the gas explosion look to originate from the hanger bay and Null Prime hacked the system so they would have a record of it.

*On a different note Planets noted on the Lightfoil are:
A few translated but not known to the Galaxy are

Piddock's Escape
The Plot Thickens

Having been contacted by Dimmock shortly after arriving back at the Asteroid Base he informed the party that once the Sentence came down on Duke Piddock he had escaped before being place in custody. After a little help setting up the Asteroid base and leaving Lowhhrick behind to keep everyone in line the party set off for Geonosia.

Arrival went as it always did with little no hiccups from Port Authority or even the Tie’s that led the party in. The group quickly made its way to Dimmock’s palace and was with a little hesitation led in quickly. He then went on to describe what happened. Duke Piddock had been left under guard at his estate until the sentence came down. When the security forces went in to find him they found almost everything intact minus the computer room where a few blaster shots had ruined his computer. With no sign of Duke Piddock. There was ,however, a ship that took off away from port that never officially docked and was quickly chased by the Tie Fighters but not shot down. The Jump signature led them to believe it was toward Tatooine.

Oskara asked about purchasing some weapons and other goods and then informed Dimmock that the job would be accomplished. Quickly devising a plan Oskara and Pash worked together to make some very good faked Imperial Papers. Upon arriving the guards at the house from Duke Bly question and quickly allowed the party inside. The inside of the estate was almost a scale replica of Dimmock’s. Quickly making their way to the computer room the party discoved Duke Bly and two gaurds working inside. Bly then questioned the party but the papers they had brandished earlier still held the weight they needed to.

Oskara quickly went about attempting to fix the computer but it was beyond repair. There was a naging feeling int he bottom of her stomach. This model of computer usually was a different size than it was now. Xel’tal and Pash looked around and discovered that this was a decoy and with a quick push of a button the computer sunk into the ground to reveal a doorway and stairs leading down into a bigger computer room still intact. The computer was bugged with two Battle droids looking to stand guard on either side. Oskara was able to put in the Operating system from her other droids and they were able to destroy the trap guarding the computers. She then started looking around on the computers and found unmarked plans for droids, tanks, ships ,and weapons. She also discovered, with a little help of knowing when the party hid on shipment to Teemo’s, that there were 3 recipiants of droids all coded. Square Triangle Circle was Teemo the Hutt. Square Rectangle Square and 3 Triangles were the other two. Xel’tal and Pash discovered weapon racks of Blaster Carbines as well as a rack of assorted Grenades.

Knowing Duke Piddock escaped without being seen the party started looking for a tunnel out. Xel’tal discovered it hidden by the brightness of the light above one of the tables. He quickly leaped up into the the exit to find a tunnel leading away. Pash attempted to follow to only be caught spread eagle in the tunnel holding on to not fall. Xel’tal quickly let down a rope and help pull Oskara and Pash up. They quickly made their way down the tunnel to find a fork. One led down and further away while another led what up and towards the surface. Taking the tunnel up the surface they came to a landing platform built in the side of a canyon that had been used recently. Discovering footprints not made by a Geonosian but by someone wearing battle armor and a small carver symbol on the heal. It seems Deathwatch was here. After looking around a little bit the ground started to shake and the noise of a low approaching ship. The party hid to see 4 Mandalorians in armor step off the ship and discuss what was needed to be done. They were to load the ship and blow up the computer system and demolish the tunnel in which two of the started to take off down the hallway.
p. Xel’tal took the advantage and attempted to slice a couple throats. At the last second the two by the ship noticed Pash and Xel was able to deal some damage as well as dislodge a thermal Detonator grasped by one of the Mandalorians. Oskara shot one of the two leading down the hallway and Pash shot the other. The exploding Detonator made the two by the door fly into the wall. Xel’tal took the advantage and hit again really hurting the one he was ganging up on. The commander of the Mandalorians stepped back and open up and Xel’tal wounding him and yelling out to his men to close the tunnel and retreat to the ship.
p. One of his two downed men stood up and threw a grenade down the hallway where Oskara had taken a perch. Seeing the grenade she ran past the two at the hallway entrance as the grenade exploded. Oskara and Pash were quickly able to removed the two gaurds that were at the front of the hallway it still left the guards that Xel’tal was dealing with. He attempted to grapple and jump but when he went to grab the Mandalorian took his advantage and seized him. Putting a gun toXel’tal‘s head and telling the rest of the group to stand down or your friend dies. Oskara got off one last shot at the commander who then pulled out his pistol and reiterated the stand down comment.
p. As the slid back to ship Pash attempted to shoo tthe controls to close the cargo lift door but missed. He shot so close to the one holding Xel’tal that he let Xel’tal go and Xel’tal was able to grab a Thermo off of the Mandalorian and jump back to the top of the lift. He then threatened to blow the ship if they didn’t stand down. The Mandalorian’s looked at each other and ran for the edge of the cliff. The party was able to bring one down before the other crawled off. Oskara quickly found a perch waiting for the mandalorian to land. Pash went to finish off the other ones and heard a beeping coming from inside the Mando’s armor. As plasma erupted from the chest ruining the chest piece and dissolving almost anything it touched he yelled out to Oskara and she threw down the rifle ran onto the ship and was able to stop the self destruct sequence as well as activate it on the one mandalorian still alive. As the group started to search the ship screams of pain could be heard faintly and ended abruptly.

Xel’tal was able to fnd a log of the trips this ship has taken and discovered that they took Duke Piddock ,with a little help from the nav computer, to the Kesh system. Upon further review it dates of shipments seem to coincide with shipments from Duke Piddock to Tor Viszla. IT seems Tor Viszla is the Square REctangle Square in Duke Piddock’s ledger. There was also a reference to being on Tatooine on guard duty when their superior officer gave a Gaffi Stick to someone in an Envirosuit. It was noted that the soldier filed a complaint against his superior.

They made their way back to ArchDuke Dimmock and informed him of the happenings and he told them that the bounty would be raised and his contacts at a Belial had said Deathwatch had taken over and seized the Mining operations there. Belial was in the Kesh system.

Informing Roem
The Flight of IsoTech 1.

After getting some information from the ISB agent that was captured it was discovered thatXel’tal’s knock out blow had caused more damage and he fell over never to awaken again. 30 of the survivors decided to stay behind and start excavation on the Sa Nalor while 10 wanted to join the Rebellion. So Cratala, 10 survivors and the party headed out to The Wheel.

Upon arrival the group found out that they were going to be lead around by security officers and after picking up a few things, droids, Fusion reactor, clothes. They party decided to let the survivors have a nice galaxy cruise to Dantooine to meet Mu Nanb. Kelek the Blue meet the party at the Blasted Asteroid to discuss the baby sitters. A few minutes of discussion and the baby sitters were no longer there but she clearly wasn’t happy with the party.

The party left rather quickly after the discussion with Kelek the Blue and headed to give the information and tech they had discovered to Roem. Upon exiting the hyperspace jump they found themselves being chased by Imperial Fighters and Pash using his superior skill lost them through the junk piles. Upon reaching IsoTech 1 they saw a capital ship surronded by piles and piles of junk. Met at their ship and lead through the bowels of the ship they soon found Shira and Roem and were able to talk them into a few more credits. Over three times the amount initially agreed upon.

Shortly after they party went with Roem to see a Jawa scavenger train. Roem walked up and started negotiations with the leader while Xel’tal and Oskara started to look for a few things that Cratala wanted for her lab. Upon entering negotiations with the nearest Jawa something fishy came to light. Upon reaching out with The Force Xel’tal discovered that this “Jawa” was waiting for Yav to make the first move. Oskara reached out removed the cloak to find a Rodian. Upon the discovery piles of junk were tipped over and out jumped Rodians and Trandoshians. Their comlink crackled and Vex said people were outside the ship again. The Battle ended relatively shortly with Pash protecting Roem while Lowhhrick dealt with the Trandoshian Mercenaries. Oskara and Xel’tal

After the fight Roem asked for the parties help in getting IsoTech 1 off of Raxus Prime. Lowhhrick did the heavy lifting while Xel’tal carried the wounded to the Medical Bay. Oskara helped with the mechanical and computer problems around the ship just in time to have the Imperial presence on Raxus show up and cause problems for their take off. With experty skill shooting and piloting the Lucky Gundark (Piloted by Pash and Gunned by Lowhhrick) dealt with the oncoming fighters and Patrol Boat. Oskara kept sensors and coms jammed so they couldn’t radio for help.

IsoTech 1 Jumped to their new home base while the Lucky Gundark and the NightFlyer jumped to the Asteroid base to drop off supplies and get work started on the base itself. The party now had some time to discuss its next course of action. They had done everything initially asked of them. Rumors were abound of adventure in the Galaxy but they were finally wealthy enough to be able to actually do something they wanted to do.


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