Heavy Blaster Rifle

Excellent for sniping and taking down highly armored foes.


Skill: Ranged Heavy
Range: Long
Encumbrance: 6
Hard Points: 4

Damage: 10
Critical: 3

Price: 1,500
Rarity: 6
Special: Auto-Fire, Cumbersome 4, Pierce 1


The DLT-19 was not as popular or as well-known as the standard-issue E-11 blaster rifle, because it took longer to assemble and load. However the DLT-19 was much more powerful and had a much greater range than the E-11 model. The E-11s sniper rifle bore a striking resemblance to this weapon with the addition of a scope. In this configuration it could shoot down swoops, or even light airspeeders.

Heavy Blaster Rifle

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