The Diplomat

The single most important resource in any war is people, and the Diplomat is both the procurer of this resource and the one hwo guides its use. Doplomats may not directly wage the war, but they ensure there is a chance for victory, and they are utterly indispensable for arranging and managing the peace to follow.

A Diplomat’s eight career skills are Charm, Deception, Core Worlds, Lore, Outer Rim, Xenology, Leadership, Negotation.

Diplomats are broken into three Specializations:

  • The Ambassador seeks out those who can help the cause and works to ensure they do. He bring the best arguments he can for planets, systems, corporations, and other groups to make them want to wide with the forces he serves. He specializes in Charm, Discipline, Core Worlds, Negotiation.
  • The Agitator combats they Empire’s main weapon, above all the incredible firepower at its disposal, its fear. He works to replace that fear with anger. He focuses on Coercion, Deception, Underworld, Streetwise.
  • The Quartermaster ensures weapons, ammunition, medical supplies, and everything else needed gets where it should be and into the right hands. Managing the logistics flow is one of the most difficult task in any military organization. He focuses on Computers, Negotiation, Skulduggery, Vigilance.


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