The Engineer

Engineers speak the language of computers, engines and electrical conduits. Most engineers prefer working with technology over people, especially in light of how chaotic the latter are. While some Engineers are fully aware of the massive destruction their creations are capable of, most are merely fascinated with the challenge of creating something new, or repairing something thought beyond repair.

An Engineer’s eight career skills are Athletics, Computers, Education, Mechanics, Perception, Piloting Space, Ranged Light, Vigilance.

Engineers are broken into three Specializations:

  • The Mechanic who is indispensable to any military unit. Due to the constant wear and tear they good ones are sought after incessantly. They focus on Brawl, Mechanics, Piloting Space, Skulduggery.
  • The Saboteur specializes in disrupting and destroying technical and mechanical assets. His job is to hinder the enemy’s capacity to wage war by denying the enemy use of his weapons and vehicles.
  • The Scientist is constantly forced to find creative solutions because of the lack of funding for the Alliance.


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