The Spy

The primary role of any Spy is the gathering of information. There are many ways to do this, meaning there are main types of Spies with divergent specialties. Some focus on infilitrating the ranks of the enemy and gathering data while others focus on external observations of troop and asset movements. Some take advantage of the dependency of all modern military forces upon electronic means of data collation.

A Spy’s eight career skills are Computers, Cool, Coordination, Deception, Warfare, Perception, Skulduggery, Stealth.

Spy’s are broken into three Specializations:

  • The Infiltrator endeavor to place themselves inside the very den of the beast. All to often, Infiltrators face the worst possible odds without the benefit of direct backup, and often without a way out if they are discovered by the wrong people. They focus on Deception, Melee, Skullduggery, Streetwise.
  • The Scout allows an army to know where the enemy is, what that enemy is doing, and what the conditions fo the area of operations are. This allows that army to commit forces when it best suits them. They focus on Athletics, Medicine, Piloting Planetary, Survival.
  • The Slicer fights with codes, data packets, lighting programming, and intuitive rewiring of communication networks. They focus on Computers, Education, Underworld, Stealth.


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